HYDRATION is KEY… Of course I hear you say…duh!

But really, to improve your skins health, tone, texture and functionality you must consistently re-hydrate it. Not only do we have the usual cold crisp air and dry warm indoor heating, but now we have moisture zapping masks to contend with too. Be kind to your skin, it has so much to deal with and is constantly trying to regulate its own water loss and toxin intake.

So how can we help?

Lockdown 3.0 means that advanced in-clinic treatments are on hold, but that doesn’t mean that we should give up on our skin care regime.

A Twice Daily Skin Regime –  Use gentle products with active ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, squalene and growth factors. Many people choose to opt for essential oils in the winter but, these are not designed to be taken in and utilised by the skin, in fact they do not support the skins natural function AT ALL.

Use a cream cleansing lotion and fresh hot cloth each day.

Use a Hydrating liquid after each cleanse

Use a targeted essence (commonly known as serum) for hydration and REPAIR- remember winter means the skin is constantly in repair mode but, loss of water makes the skin sluggish and it’s more difficult to repair, so add active moisturiser such as HA (hyaluronic acid).

The Cliniccare pure range is full of HA and is targeted at inflammation and REPAIR. Conversely the Cliniccare Refresh Range is targeted at water loss and ageing.

Follow up with a lightweight but ACTIVE skin cream to target your concerns such as ageing, acne, inflammation etc.

In the daytime (even if you are in front of the laptop all day) WEAR SPF50…this hugely increases the skins barrier function and decreases the skins water Loss (or TEWL if we are being technical).


Wear a Clean Mask Each Day!


This is a biggie – the disposable masks are easier for this but I understand we need to do our bit for the planet, so a collection of Silk or pure Cotton masks that are changed daily is your best bet. The mask must be clean on each day- this is not only hugely beneficial in the fight against covid but also in protecting your skin from; acne, bacterial and fungal overgrowth, contact dermatitis and Xeroderma.


Follow the Flawless Glow-up Routine…

The glow up routine consists of the following steps 1-2 times per week; (also available on my Instagram highlights in a video)

  1. Double Cleanse with Cliniccare Cream Cleanser
  2. Pat Skin Dry
  3. Apply the painless peel and leave for 1-3 minutes or until tacky
  4. Massage off the painless Peel until you can see the dead skin sloughing away
  5. Hot cloth the residue off the skin
  6. 2-3 pumps of Essence (serum) and using your quartz or jade roller (or your fingers if no roller), sweep outwards & upwards from the centre of the face, up the neck and repeat until essence is absorbed and skin is looking revitalised.
  7. Add moisturiser and drink plenty of water to keep the good work going!



If you are struggling with any skin concerns right now then drop us an email or a DM on social media- I would be honoured to advise you.

Stay safe and hydrated …

Tara and the flawless team xx