So, you may have already heard of the “Million Dollar Facial” and you may be intrigued, by this revolutionary new facial that has taken the beauty industry by storm. But what is it? What’s included in the treatment? Who is it for? What does the treatment do/what skin conditions does it treat? What are the results/benefits? Read on for the answers to all of these questions and more about this luxurious, results driven facial.

What is the Million Dollar Facial?
A luxurious facial where science meets indulgence, working your skin from the outside in, this treatment has been designed to deeply exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, dirt, debris, toxin build up, non terminal hair and increases and stimulates collagen production and cell turnover. This process in turn, reduces lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and scarring on the skin, giving a smoother, more refined appearance from the first treatment and beyond.
The protocols in the million dollar facial are designed to penetrate the skins deeper layers, which increases the skins absorption levels by 80%, compared to just 8% in standard facial techniques.

The results? an immediate increase in hydration offering a a smoother, plumper, GLOWING skin immediately visible after the first treatment.The following benefits are seen within 6 weeks of the first treatment and if opting for a course of 5 treatments, expect to see stronger results over a 6 month period and beyond.

– Reduction in lines and wrinkles
– Reduction in pigmentation and uneven skin tone
– Reduction in scarring
– improved tone, elasticity and overall appearance
– Smoother more hydrated feel and appearance
– Makeup application is smoother and more refined


Who is the treatment for?
The million dollar facial is for those aged 18 and over. A thorough consultation will be undertaken with your therapist prior to treatment to ensure this is tailored to your needs and is appropriate. Expect a medical background questionnaire and questions around medication such as warfarin as this would be a contraindication to treatment. If, after your consultation the treatment is not suitable for you, your therapist will be able to recommend a facial that does suit your needs, that also offers exceptional results.

What are the contraindications? (reasons you could not have it)
– Metal Allergy
– Use of Roaccutane within last 12 months
– Cancer or skin cancer within last 12 months
– Eczema on the face
– Psoriasis on the face
– Localised skin infection
– Keliod Scarring (anywhere on the body)
– Active/infected acne
– Use of Retinols within last 12 weeks
– Blood clotting disorder OR taking blood thinning medication such as warfarin
– Pregnancy and/or breastfeeding
– Active cold sore

Which skin conditions can the million dollar facial treat and offer improvements for?
– Fine Lines and Wrinkles
– Hyper pigmentation/uneven skin tone
– Stretch marks
– Loss of elasticity
– Sun damage
– Acne scarring
– Dehydration
– Mild Rosacea

How do I know what my skin type is or my “Fitzpatrick scale”?
Your therapist will establish this with you during consultation. The Fitzpatrick scale is a clever tool used to identify human skin colour and traits, which can help to predict how your skin will react to sun exposure and treatment protocols.


What causes skin ageing?

– Chronological Ageing
As we age, the epidermal cells (outer layer of skin) become thinner and less sticky, causing the skin to look noticeably thinner. The skin then releases more moisture to compensate, meaning the skin feels and appears dry and dehydrated.

– Sun Damage
Exposure to UVA and UVB rays accounts for 90% of premature skin ageing, most of the effects of sun damage have occurred in the skin by the age of 20. In the dermis the sun can damage collagen fibres which begins the abnormal skin rebuilding process- this results is premature ageing and dark spots.

– Free Radicals
Free Radicals are unstable oxygen molecules that have only one electron instead of two, this electron then “scavenges” other, healthy molecules for its missing partner, resulting in damaged cell function and alters the genetics in a cell. All of this results in premature ageing and an increased likelihood of dark spots and loss of elastin.

– Hormonal Changes
Decreased Estrogen production is responsible for skin ageing, in that it reduces year on year collagen production.

– Muscle Use
Habitual facial expressions such as frowning, can cause skin to wrinkle as it loses elasticity due to the frequent contraction of muscles in these areas such as between the brows.

– Gravity
Yes good old gravity! The effects of gravity loosen the skin as it sags more from the simple gravitational pull. Any tightening or firming treatments can help to slow down this process, as it keeping muscle tone.

What happens during treatment?

The Million Dollar Facial consists of the following protocol…
* A thorough double cleanse with Million Dollar Glow cleanser- your therapist will identify any skin conditions and target areas for the treatment.
* Million Dollar Magic Potion
* Thorough Skin Analysis
* Million Dollar Balm massage followed by the Dermaplane treatment. Dermaplaning is the art of using a blade to remove 3-4 weeks worth of dead skin, debris and non terminal hair from the skin. Increasing absorption of topical products and revealing brand new, super soft and glowing skin.
* Lymphatic Massage with the Million Dollar Serum – this massage using sweeping and pressure point techniques to drain the toxin build up from the face and contour facial muscles into action.
* Micro-needling treatment- this involved using a single user dermaroller on the skin. The roller has over 500 micro needles in, which when rolled over the skin, create tiny punctures in the skins surface- increasing absorption of product and “altering the skin” to a “superficial wound” so that it creates collagen and elastin to heal the area. There is no visible damage or bleeding from this treatment – all of the magic happens within the skins layers and is visible after 4-6 weeks.
* Million Dollar cooling and hydrating mask
* Balm and SPF massage

You will have expert aftercare given to you after the treatment and a home care advice regime will also be recommended. For MAXIMUM results, in particular those for the affects of anti-ageing and reduction in pigmentation, a course of 5 facials is advised every 4-6 weeks.

You can book your Million Dollar Facial via our book now page on the website ….