Scarring can sometimes make us self-conscious, whether on the face or body post-surgical or post-injury scars can feel as though they stand out. Thankfully, there is a procedure to help with this scarring, a procedure called SkinPen, a form of MicroNeedling.

Skin pen has recently been awarded to be clinically proven to reduce the appearance of scar tissue using skin remodelling via its FDA cleared micro needling pen – we here at Flawless LOVE Skinpen because the results it yields are outstanding and in the case of scarring – life-changing.

Healing Through Micro-Injuries

The way that SkinPen, or any Microneedling, works is relatively simple: it creates a large quantity of very, very tiny micro-injuries through which the skin is encouraged to begin producing large amounts of collagen. Essentially, the skin can rejuvenate itself with this collagen. The treatment is so effective that it can be used on your face, legs, stomach, or wherever you have skin you’d like to smooth out (including scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and so on).

Microneedling, or Collagen Induction Therapy, has been around for a while, and SkinPen offers two primary innovations that make it an appealing choice for this procedure. First, SkinPen uses 90° needles, allowing for better collagen growth. The second is that SkinPen has an excellent safety profile, thanks in large part to its Bio-Sleeve technology, which helps prevent cross contamination.

In fact, it’s for these reasons (and more) that Flawless Skin Clinic uses SkinPen exclusively. Having tried other options—and done the research SkinPen is miles ahead of the game both in results and client safety.

SkinPen’s Results

At the end of the day, SkinPen’s popularity is not nearly as important as its ability to show effective results. And in this regard, it certainly has.

SkinPen has shown a marked difference in before and after pictures, and patients often rave about the results.

Post surgical scarring Skinpen Treatment

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