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Lifting and toning

Introducing microcurrent to our extensive list of facials!

November & December launch Offer
Try our NEW Ultimate Peel or Ultimate Microneedling Facials for £100 each, saving up to £55.

What is it?

Micro-current involves using a low-grade electrical current to “train” your facial muscles to appear more lifted, tightened, and firm. In fact, its nickname is the “non-invasive facelift.”

You know it actually works because it has been used medically since the 1980s, approved by the FDA as a muscle stimulator to treat Bell’s palsy and muscle paralysis. After noticing improved results in patients with atrophied, sagging facial muscles, microcurrent was then adopted as an anti-ageing tool.

Flawless Lift & Tone Facial

£90 – includes our signature facial with the amazing lifting & toning benefits of micro-current

Flawless ULTIMATE peel

£125, (combined modality our amazing chemical peel facial suped-up with microcurrent)

Flawless ULTIMATE Needling Facial

£155, (combined modality our amazing retighten and rejuvenate facials suped-up with microcurrent)

Flawless Juenesse Facial

£225 (tri modality our most advanced facial combing radio frequency, electroporation, microcurrent and Microneedling)

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