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We have launched our very own clinical skincare line Flawless Advanced Skincare. Our advanced skincare actively reduces the signs of ageing, pigmentation and sun damage.

Laser hair removal

A long-term solution to removing unwanted and excess hair

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a quick, effective and safe procedure providing a long-term solution for unwanted, excess hair for both men and women.  An ideal treatment for face and body hair with visible results after just a few sessions

hair removal Sessions

Courses are 8-10 sessions and sessions are taken every 6-8 weeks apart.

Payment can be spread over 4 months via direct debit, paid at each session or paid in full as a course plan.


Lip – £350

Chin – £350

Centre Brow – £350

Underarms – £425

Half Arms – £500

Full Arms – £650

Half Legs – £700

Full Legs – £1050

High Leg Bikini – £550

Brazilian Bikini – £600

Hollywood Bikini – £675

Combination package 1- lip & chin – £475

Combination package 2- half legs & High Leg bikini – £1000

Combination package 3- full legs, underarms, High leg Bikini – £1400

We use the Bio-care lite SHR machine – SHR stands for super hair removal. The difference between SHR and IPL is that the SHR machine dispenses light energy at a higher frequency and lower temperature than traditional IPL machines thus having more efficacy. SHR is up to 3 times faster than laser or IPL and is the latest in hair removal technology.

Laser Hair Removal is a popular and effective alternative solution to removing unwanted body hair that can be used on any skin type and most hair types.

Laser Hair Removal is a quick and safe procedure that works by sending the light of a laser through the pigment in a hair follicle to destroy it andthus minimise hair growth. Ideal for the treatment of facial and body hair,results are visible after just a few sessions. Laser Hair Removal provides a long-term solution to removing unwanted, excess hair for both men and women. The best news? Discomfort is minimal – so much less painful than waxing! Why not get in touch today for a free consultation?

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