BODY CONTOURING? We’re here with the next-generation solution.

What exactly does ‘body contouring’ mean?

We are so excited to be offering Body Contouring at our Flawless Clinic here in Staffordshire. Body contouring, or body sculpting aims to reshape certain areas of your body. Body contouring procedures may be carried out for a number of reasons, some of which could be:

> Tighten loose skin.

> Fat reduction.

> Reshape, lift, or contour the area.

Body contouring can help you lose inches a recent client lost 2KG and 8cm! It helps to shape the body and target specific areas. Perhaps you’ve experienced significant weight loss which can often lead to excess skin, therefore body contouring could be a great option to help re-shape your skin. Also, if you’ve had bariatric surgery or experienced post-pregnancy changes, this too can leave loose skin behind.

Body contouring is an extremely popular treatment, especially non-surgical body contouring; largely due to its ability to target the kinds of stubborn pockets of fat without the difficulties or complications of endless surgical procedures or plastic surgery.

Do you have skin tightening and body sculpting concerns

Allow us to take away your fear. Introducing Sculptura…

Every one of us deserves to feel comfortable in our own body, we are all unique from one another but a lot of us do share common insecurities. Sometimes there are days, moments, or weeks when we wake up and suddenly want to burst into tears; there’s cellulite we wish we could quickly hide, there are stretch marks that we can’t remember how or when they appeared, we feel confused and often find our esteem suddenly crushed. However, despite these insecurities, we are still all beautiful in our own way and when we lift each other up, we flourish.

Sculptura is a body contouring procedure that encourages you to feel your best all the time. We want to lift you up on those days when you feel insecure about waking up and looking in the mirror or putting that dress on that you’ve been avoiding for too long. Sometimes our bodies just don’t cooperate with us. Despite the fact that yes, of course, as our bodies age we’re going to experience change, but why does the way we feel about ourselves have to change too?

 “Each element works in synergy with the other, effects are stronger, clinical results are seen quicker and best of all – there is zero downtime.”

Do you have skin laxity concerns? Hundreds of men and women do. Imagine face and body treatments that don’t just give lifting, sculpting and firming benefits but also offer incredible results in focused fat reduction and cellulite improvement. Drumroll for Sculptura…

Sculptura doesn’t just use 1 method, it combines the 4 most effective:

  • Infrared laser light
  • Radio Frequency
  • Vacuum
  • Roller Massage

You may be wondering what exactly does this mean for you? Well, the combination of these 4 methods means that each element works in synergy with the other, effects are stronger, clinical results are seen quicker and best of all – there is zero downtime.

The use of these 4 methods together means results! Your fat cells are broken down into glycerol and fatty acids, which are then removed by the body via the circulatory system. At the same time, the dermal collagen fibres are being stimulated to contract and thicken resulting in smaller fat cells and tighter, firmer skin.

For those of you looking to improve areas of your body that a healthy diet and exercise don’t seem to shrink or tone enough, such as the lower back or thighs, it’s certainly possible with Sculptura. We can work on multiple areas of your body as well as just specific areas such as arm lift, tummy tuck or thigh lift. Whatever it is you’d like to focus on, we’re here to help make it happen.


Start your Flawless Skin Journey today…

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