Congested skin in the form of blackheads, blocked & enlarged pores and slow cell turnover can occur from excess oil production, dehydrated skin and hormonal skins.

Our holistic approach to skin health would ensure congested skin gets under control, regular treatments and the right homecare are key in targeting this condition.

Following a thorough consultation and homecare regime we would likely choose from the following facial treatment combinations:

Bespoke Blackhead Facial

From £62 per facial

Using manual extraction, enzyme exfoliation and lymphatic drainage with the power of LED congested pores are targeted and refined.

Targeted Chemical Peel

From £92 per facial

A combination of AHA’s and BHA’s to flush out blocked pores, act as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent to reduce pore size and sebum activity. Also increases cell turnover and evens skin tone.

Micro-Needling Rejuva

From £110 per facial

This treatment helps to refine enlarged pores following successful blackhead removal. Tightens and brightens skin overall.

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